The 3 Fashion Items You Should Never Buy Online

Online shopping can be a nightmare for those who haven’t quite figured out their exact measurements, or are unsure of what kind of clothes look good on their body types. But for those who have unlocked all the mysteries of online retail therapy, they’re probably wishing they had done so sooner. Among the obvious reasons, such as time and effort saved, Who What Wear shares that you never have to worry about a lost receipt when you need to return or exchange an item. Also, who doesn’t love to receive packages in the mail? From jewelry to swimwear, there’s nothing...


Manila’s Top 13 Flower Delivery Shops: The Lazy Buyer’s Guide

Manila’s Top Online Flower Delivery Shops

Want to make someone happy on their special day? Whatever the occasion is—whether it’s Valentine’s day, mothers’ day, your anniversary, your loved one’s birthday or graduation day, or even if you simply want to cheer somebody up, flowers could easily brighten up their mood. You can now choose from a bunch of bouquet types, like chocolate bouquets, fruit bouquets, stuffed toy bouquets… the list goes on, but nothing compares to the beauty a bouquet of flowers could offer. On the other hand, if you’d like to purchase flowers for funeral—bouquets or big funeral flower arrangements, there are now a number...


Where to Buy Succulents in the Philippines: 18 Shops You Should Know

Where to buy Succulents in the Philippines

Let me guess… You’re finally jumping into the succulents bandwagon and getting yourself one. Who can resist these living beauties? Good news is—there are now a plethora of shops selling succulents. Here’s a list of where to buy succulent plants in the Philippines: Potted Leaf Succulent wedding favors are popular these days. Potted Leaf would gladly provide you with your giveaway needs. They also sell air plants and succulent arrangements you could decorate your homes with. Price Range: Php40.00 – Php115.00 per piece Wholesale: Available for a minimum of 30pcs and a maximum of 500pcs How to Order: Viber/SMS them...


5 Things We Want to See in Tokyo 2020

Tokyo 2020

Shinzo Abe dressed up as Super Mario is already making waves online. Just watching the video game-inspired teaser for Tokyo 2020 makes us want to fast forward to the upcoming summer Olympics. We know you guys can’t have enough of Hello Kitty, Doraemon and Pacman, and all the other kawaii stuff Japan has in store! We give you the rundown of what we ideally want to see in Tokyo 2020: Pokemon Plush Giveaways Olympians wanna be the very best like no ever was. What could make winning even more worth it than to get limited edition Olympic Pokemon Plushies? Our...


The Perfect Giveaway: 25 Wedding Souvenir Ideas

Wedding Souvenir Ideas

Picture this: A glass sculpture of 2 swans, heads together, necks forming a heart… So 90’s and cliché. I bet it’s something you won’t be happy receiving yourself as a wedding giveaway and don’t think your guests would feel otherwise. Here’s a tip. Decorative items are not great wedding giveaway ideas. Why waste money on gifts your guests won’t even bother using? Whether you’re on a tight budget or not, there are so many products to choose from these days. Here are wedding souvenirs in the Philippines that your guests would actually want and won’t go to waste. Go Green...