From Cheap and Affordable Swimwear to Gorgeous Pieces You’d Love to Splurge On

What better way to spend your summer than to have a trip to the beach! Check out these 26 must-visit online swimwear shops in the Philippines to get your classy and one-of-a-kind swimsuit pieces (for women) and make sure you sashay along the sandy shores in a fashionable manner.

  1. NothingButH2O
  2. NothingButH2O Swimsuits

    One of the most famous swimwear shops in the Philippines, NothingButH2O has been around since 1997.

    They currently offer Anemone products, a local brand of swimwear.

    Anemone’s swimsuits are truly unique—from embellished classic pieces (with details like buckled straps, flirty ruffles, and fun patterns) to stylish rash guards (if you want a more conservative option, or you just want to cover more skin for protection).

    Their one-piece swimsuits are really posh and elegant. They also allow you to be creative with their bikinis by offering mix and match tops and bottoms. Plus, they use fabrics that are UPF 50+ rated, shielding your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

    If you’re a mom, Anemone offers toddler swimwear too, mixing really fun colors and patterns for really cute swimsuits and rash guards.

    This is for you if you love classy swimsuits in elegant colors and prints—but get ready to pay a bit more because Anemone’s products are the most expensive on this list.

    Price Range:
    Swimwear for Women: Php900 – Php3,300
    *Bikini tops and bottoms are sold separately
    Swimwear for Kids: Php500 ­– Php1,500
    Click here for the shop info

  3. I Love Koi
  4. I Love Koi Swimsuits

    From tropical patterns, scalloped edges, feminine frills, to gold hardware adorned tops, I Love Koi is a brand loved by many.

    They offer a wide range of styles and cuts that would suit different body types. The designs cater to women of any age–from toddlers and teens to young adults and beyond. You can choose from maillots (one-piece suits), bikinis, and high-waist swimsuits.

    They also have cute detailed swimwear for toddlers in bright colors and pastels (the mermaid-inspired swimsuit is so adorable!).

    Price Range:
    Swimwear for Women: Php1,600 – Php2,300
    Swimwear for Kids: All for Php1,280
    Click here for the shop info

  5. Cesa PH
  6. Cesa PH Swimsuits

    Chic girls with a fun and edgy style would adore Cesa PH’s variety of swimwear designs and fabrics (from neoprene, bright patterns, to lace).

    The rash guards alone come in different styles—from long sleeves to trendy pieces that look like sleeveless tops you would normally wear in the city. They have maillots you can style in 3 different ways and reversible ones. There are also reversible bikini tops which are sold separately so you can mix and match it with your choice of bikini bottoms.

    The bikini sets are all designed differently making sure something fits your personality and style.

    The tops are really unique that some pieces can be alternately used as a cropped top—just pair it with your high waist jeans or skirt! Oh and they can also customize the sizes to fit you perfectly for an additional cost of Php300.00.

    Price Range: Php880 – Php2,300
    Click here for the shop info

  7. Nudo Swimwear
  8. Nudo Swimsuits

    Nudo Swimwear have not only garnered Filipino fans, but people from other countries too–reaching places like Singapore and New York. The swimsuits look simple but with the small well-thought-out details and beautiful cuts, each piece exudes elegance and sophistication. The structured bikini tops and bustier tops would make any woman feel sexy and stylish. And, if you’re a fan of vintage fashion you’ll fancy their pin up style high-waist swimsuits and maillots in a variety of prints and colors. Nudo also gets fashion-forward with the bikinis made with the neoprene fabric.

    Price Range: Php900 – Php1,450
    Click here for the shop info

  9. CoKayne Swimwear
  10. CoKayne Swimsuits

    If you want a classy and polished look, then CoKayne’s swimsuits are for you. This is more of a “formal” look if you’ll compare it to our normal day-to-day attires—somewhat like the “evening wear” of swimsuits but definitely stylish and modern.

    Price Range: Php1,200 – Php1,900
    Click here for the shop info

  11. Soak Swimwear
  12. Soak Swimwear Swimsuits

    Feel glamorous and stylish in Soak’s swimwear line. With a superb attention to detail, their designs are modern and dramatic—exhibiting grace and elegance in each piece.
    Price Range: Php1,050 – Php2,380, for Separate Bikini Tops and Bottom: Php750 – Php1,250
    Shop info:

  13. Float Swimwear
  14. Float Swimwear

    You don’t need richly decorated clothes to make a bold statement. The bathing suits from Float are straightforward and exciting. The use of clean lines and unconventional cuts for swimsuits, like long sleeves or leotard-style tops are a breath of fresh air to the usual beach attire we see.
    Price Range: Php1,900 – Php2,700
    Shop info:

  15. Eighth Mermaid
  16. Eighth Mermaid Swimsuits

    If you want to show off an edgy look, the structured pieces from the neoprene collection are stunning. They have one-piece swimsuits in bold prints that daring girls would adore.
    Price Range: Php1,500-Php2,300 for full sets
    Shop info:

  17. Eika
  18. Eika Swimsuits

    Eika wants you to have the freedom of pairing swimsuit bottoms and tops with their mix-and-match pieces. On this list, their shop carries the most affordable swimwear. Online shoppers will find plain tops/bottoms priced for as low as Php250. The cheap prices doesn’t stop them from introducing fun and hip designs that’ll make your summer look picture-worthy.
    Price Range: Php250 – Php550 for separate pieces (bikini tops and bottoms), Php450 – Php1,150 for Sets and One-piece, Php500 – Php650 for Rashgaurds
    Shop info:

  19. Aquaholic
  20. Aquaholic Swimsuits

    Aquaholic prides in the quality of their bathing suits. According to them, their swimsuits are made with “high-quality fabrics with exceptional fit. Each sun-and-swim ready piece is 50+UV Protect, Chlorine resistant, Shrink Resistant, Anti-static, Quick drying, and treated for harmful substances.” Not only that, you can also count on the aesthetic quality of their designs. Women can choose from a variety of products like rash guards, tights, shorts, bikinis, tankinis, and maillots.
    Price Range: Php798 – Php2,498 (bikini tops and bottoms are priced separately)
    Shop info:

  21. Sundae
  22. Sundae Swimsuits

    Daring gals woud be smitten with Sundae’s bold prints and bright tones. Some of their swimsuits channel a retro vibe that’s hard to miss.
    Price Range: Bikinis Php1,300 – Php1,600, One-Piece Php1,700 – Php1,750
    Shop info:

  23. Beyond the Beach
  24. Beyond The Beach Swimsuits

    The exquisite designs of Beyond the Beach screams sophistication—be it their one-piece bathing suits or the gorgeous two-piece sets. Neoprene lovers will enjoy their selection of styles.
    Price Range: One-piece Php1,600 – Php2,300, Two-piece Php1,800
    Shop info:

  25. Borabound
  26. Borabound Swimsuits

    Borabound’s ultra feminine style is charming in every way. Their swimsuits are dominated by pastel colors and bright hues—with bold details like lage ribbons and flowy drapes that chic women would surely love.
    Price Range: Bikini Sets Php1,350 – Php1,980; One-piece Php1,980
    Shop info:

  27. Holy Skull
  28. HolySkull Swimsuits

    Just from the name alone, you can sense a Rock-and-roll vibe to the brand. Find spunky, edgy and cool swimsuits like the black neoprene maillots resembling leather. Worth mentioning are the giant pool toys that will bring a high level of awesomeness and fun to the beach or pool.
    Price Range: Php1,500 – Php2,300
    Shop info:

  29. Muuno
  30. Muuno Swimsuits

    Go back to the basics with Muuno’s swimsuits. Don’t even dare think that basics are boring. Their plain, solid colored swimwear have playful cuts that exude elegance. Their knitted swimwear are fresh and unique.
    Price Range: Rashguard set Php2,500; Bikini Set Php1,850 – Php2, 100
    Shop info:

  31. SunFish Swimwear
  32. Sunfish Swimsuits

    Sunfish is all about clean lines—radiating grace and elegance through their choice of cuts and colors. Details are minimal but definitely chic. Swimsuits can be customized for a perfect fit.
    Price Range: Php1,100 – Php1,550, Customized Size: starts at Php1,600
    Shop info:

  33. Holy Swim PH
  34. HolySwim Swimsuits

    If you’re a fan of the boho style, Holy Swim’s crochet bathing suits would entice you. These crochet creations are extraordinary, rendering ornate details into lovely and delicate swimsuits.
    Price Range: around Php1,500 – Php2,000
    Shop info:

  35. Carrie Swimwear
  36. Carrie Swimwear

    It’s hard not to fall in love with their bathing suits adorned with flirty frills, ruffles or fringes—some even accented with intricate laser-cut details which look sublime. They have special three-piece sets which include a two-piece swimsuit and a coverup.
    Price Range: Php880 – Php2,230
    Shop info:

  37. WML Shop
  38. WML Shop Swimsuits

    Fun spirited girls would love the funky graphic swimwear from WML Shop. You’ll be amused with their one-piece swimsuits printed with fierce tiger faces, mad sharks, cute cats, rock-and-roll skulls, superhero costumes, and other imaginative prints you can think of. There’s no doubt you’ll stand out in these bold quirky swimwear.
    Price Range: Php650.00 – Php750.00
    Shop info:

  39. Naked Sun Swimwear
  40. Naked Sun Swimsuits

    Naked Sun’s collection is diverse—you’ll find romantic assymetrical styles, charming long sleeve tops, elegant maillots, playful bikinis. With a multitude of designs to choose from, you’ll surely find something that would suit your style—whether you prefer basic cuts or intricately designed swimsuits, conservative or daring.
    Price Range: Php2,050 – Php2,250
    Shop info:

  41. Sune
  42. Sune Swimsuits

    Sune focuses on the essentials. Expect basic swimsuits in classic cuts and solid colors—they don’t follow trends and they’re all about the basics. Like what they say, nothing beats the classics.
    Price Range: Php750 ­– Php1,650
    Shop info:

  43. Yuminum Bikinis
  44. Yuminum Swimsuits

    Yuminum carries impressive fashion-forward designs with a wide array of styles to choose from—fun colorful bikinis to exquisitely styled maillots and ultra stylish rashguards. Orders can be customized. Moms would be ecstatic to have a custom made matching swimsuit with their daughter. Pregnant moms can have their swimsuits custome made too.
    Price Range: Php1,720 – Php2,650
    Shop info:

  45. Sirena Swimwear
  46. Sirena Swimsuits

    Sirena Swimwear is all about prints. Not everyone can pull off mixing patterns unless you have a good eye in design like Sirena. They have masterfully and tastefully combined different prints together and turned them into gorgeous bikinis.
    Price Range: Php1,990 for all bikinis
    Shop info:

  47. Negritas Swimwear
  48. Negritas Swimwear

    Negritas Swimwear celebrates women’s curves with one-piece swimsuits. Sexy straps and back lines, each piece exudes sophistication and style.
    Price Range: Php1,800-Php1,900
    Shop info:

  49. Wanderlust Swimwear
  50. Wanderlust Swimwear

    Feel luxuriously sexy in Wanderlust swimwear. There’s a noble simplicity in the cuts and designs that you know the styles will be timeless. You’ll find bathing suits screaming high-fashion and fun designs for the younger market.
    Price Range: Php2,700 – Php2,900
    Shop info:

  51. Common Ware
  52. Commonware Boardshorts

    Simplicity at its finest—Common Ware’s boardshorts for both women and men come in the cutest graphical prints. You can also go matchy-matchy with your guy with the same print of your choice.
    Price Range: Php750 for all shorts
    Shop info:

All these swimwear makers have a level of taste and class we can be proud of because these are all made in the Philippines. All of them showcasing their exquisite style, you’ll surely find something you’ll love from each of these brands.

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Image References: All images are owned by the respective brands. These images were borrowed from the sellers’s websites/Facebook pages.