Get more out of your LIKELIST.PH page! Below are the Top 5 features of #likelistph, discussing some tips on how to fully use and maximize its effectiveness in improving your website conversion rate.

1. Map & Contact Details


LIKELIST.PH lets users view a map of all local listings, powered by Google Maps.

But you may wonder why your address in not appearing on your page even though you’ve included it on your account. The reason behind this is your address is not registered to Google.

In order to display your complete address, you must register your location to Google Map Maker. Here is a video tutorial on how to use it.

Make sure to update and save the changes in your LIKELIST.PH account, the addresses must match. So, what to expect after? Google will review your submission, once approved…poof, your full address will appear!

Doing this will not only show your business location in our directory, but it will improve the quality of your Google Map presence. Making your business searchable on GPS navigation and therefore increase customer footfall in your

Contact Numbers

We also recommend that you format your contact numbers and use area codes (632) or (63) . You can also add multiple contact numbers by using ‘/ ‘.

For example: *telephone number / *mobile number

Link Your Main Website

It is most beneficial that you link your main website. But if you don’t have an official site, leave it blank. Don’t worry, you have more options at LIKELIST.PH – and these are:

Updating your Bio and Social Profiles

You must login and access these features on your account’s ‘Dashboard’ -> ‘Edit Profile’

  • Your Bio appears below you avatar. It allows you to share a snippet of you company’s history and help increase your trust rate.
  • Link all your social profiles. You can add your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram!

2. Description

Your site’s description is the most important and crucial part of your listing. Be creative in writing your shop’s description and profile. Making it one page long won’t help! Always consider how it would look on your mobile device, or else visitors might scroll endlessly and leave your page.

Direct to the point description is good, like writing what products or services you are selling and price range. But remember you are still posting an advertisement. Make sure that what you post is something that would entice customers to click on your website and/or your social media outlets.

Showcase your Instagram!

We can display your Instagram feed! Simply copy paste this code at the end of your description:


Use this tool to know your unique client ID. It’s usually a 9-digit number.

NOTE! If your Instagram account is private, this feature won’t work for you. Sorry.showcaseig

3. Uploading Photos and Videos

LIKELIST.PH allows users to upload photos and link a video.

Photos: Please limit uploads to 3 images only. We highly encourage that you use this feature to post coupons, promos, print ads, event posters and other promotional graphics. We like to keep our site light which means faster loading time, therefore benefiting everyone.

Uploading new photos as well as updating your listing is accessed in your account’s ‘Dashboard’ -> ‘Edit Listings’

Video: Simply copy and paste your YouTube video URL

4. Business Hours

This feature is useful for restaurants and boutiques and offices. Otherwise, users can leave it blank so it won’t appear in your page.

5. Reviews/Rating

It will help boost your business’ Trust Rate. Encourage your customers to leave reviews and rate your services via our rating and reviews feature.