We’re overheating in this summer heat. A trip to the beach sounds fitting and fun. Whether you’d like to participate in water activities or just lay on a hammock with a book on one hand and coconut water on the other, these beach essentials should be included in your light baggage.

  1. Colored Vegan Sunblock
  2. Green Habit’s Colored Vegan Sunblock is a colorful and fun way to protect your skin from the sun.
    Beach Essentials - Green Habit Colored Vegan Sunblock

  3. Body Bronzing Oil
  4. Give your skin the morena glow and make sure it’s picture perfect with Love Brown’s natural body bronzing oil.
    Beach Essentials - Love Brown Body Bronzing Oil

  5. All Natural Tanning Oil
  6. Want to speed up the tanning process? Apply Stuff by Serena’s Coffee-Coconut Tanning oil to your skin before basking in the sun for that beautiful tanned skin.
    Beach Essentials - Stuff by Serena Coffee Coconut Tanning Oil

  7. Inabel blanket
  8. You don’t want to get all sandy while laying on the beach so lay this Inabel blanket from Bi.Local on the sand for the perfect chill out spot on the shore.
    Beach Essentials - Bi Local Inabel Blanket

  9. Summer Tote
  10. Pack your sunblock and your valuables in Nativ Wear’s summer tote for a light and fashionable way to transport your things.
    Beach Essentials - Nativ Wear Flamingo Bag

  11. Kimono Coverup
  12. Isla.ph’s kimono is the perfect cover up right after you dip in the ocean’s salty waters or your hotel’s pool.
    Beach Essentials - Isla Kimono Rove Coverup

  13. Reef-safe Sunscreen
  14. Protect your skin and the sea at the same time with Magwai’s reef-safe sunscreen. It’s already SPF 50 and broad spectrum, which means you’ll be protected from both UVA and UVB rays.
    Beach Essentials - Magwai Reef Safe Sunscreen

  15. Spill-proof Lotion
  16. Liquid moisturizers have a tendency to spill out unless you secure the cover with lots of tape so a lotion bar is the perfect alternative when traveling. Happy Camper’s Hydrate Mate lotion bar is made with all natural ingredients and comes in a twist-up tube for a mess-free use.
    Beach Essentials - Happy Camper Lotion Bar Hydrate Mate

  17. Leak-proof Shampoo
  18. Cut a small piece off Pure Essential’s shampoo bar to bring when you travel. Shampoo bars are more convenient for trips because they’re spill proof.
    Beach Essentials - Pure Essentials Kalayaan Shampoo Bar

  19. Comfy Pants
  20. The beach is also a great place to be fashionable. Liwayway’s batik pants are the perfect summer pants because they’re light and airy.
    Beach Essentials - Liwayway PH Batik Pants

  21. Sunglasses
  22. You can’t avoid the harsh rays of the sun while hanging out at the beach, so make sure to bring a pair of sunglasses. Bayod PH’s browline bamboo sunglasses are unique and eco-friendly. Who knew bamboo eyewear could look this cool?
    Beach Essentials - Bayod PH Clubmaster Sunglasses

  23. Sundress
  24. Tie-dye dresses totally scream summer. Sigla’s sundresses are breezy and rad.
    Beach Essentials - Sigla Sundress

  25. Reusable Utensils
  26. Planning to go on a picnic by the beach? Make sure to bring your own reusable utensils to avoid plastic wastes. Eco Tablescapes has metal and bamboo cutlery to choose from.
    Beach Essentials - Ecotablescapes Bamboo Cutlery

  27. Reusable Cup
  28. Ditch the paper and plastic cups when ordering from your favorite beachside cafes by using this collapsible silicone cup from Daydream Republic.
    Beach Essentials - Daydream Republic Collapsible Cup

  29. Waterproof Film Camera
  30. Capture your underwater adventures with this AGFA Lebox Ocean waterproof film camera from Film Folk.
    Beach Essentials - Film Folk Agfa Waterproof Discposable Film Camera

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