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The 3 Fashion Items You Should Never Buy Online

Online shopping can be a nightmare for those who haven’t quite figured out their exact measurements, or are unsure of what kind of clothes look good on their body types. But for those who have unlocked all the mysteries of online retail therapy, they’re probably wishing they had done so sooner. Among the obvious reasons, such as time and effort saved, Who What Wear shares that you never have to worry about a lost receipt when you need to return or exchange an item. Also, who doesn’t love to receive packages in the mail? From jewelry to swimwear, there’s nothing...


Online Shopping Sites: Philippines’ Top 21 Shops to Bookmark

Online Shopping Sites Philippines

Can’t find that branded watch that you’ve been eyeing for the longest time? Or is that cellphone model you can’t wait to buy not available in the mall? Trust us, we know how frustrating it feels not to find certain products at commercial centers. But in this day and age, it’s fairly easy to buy hard-to-find products online. It’s also convenient and sometimes even cheaper. Gone are the days when home tv shopping is our only option for a delivery-based retail. Here are shopping websites in the Philippines for your next haul. Check out the “quick tips” for shopping online...


Benefits of Listing Your Business in Online Directories

Online media is now the easiest and cheapest means to get your products and services promoted and having a strong online business identity is crucial. This includes presence of your business profile in search engines, social networks, business directories and mobile web. Trying to penetrate your market is like looking for a needle in a haystack—where needle is the potential customer, and haystack is the millions of internet users in the Philippines. Population (2014 Est.) Internet Users 2014 Penetration Rate (% Population) Philippines 107,668,231 44,200,540 41.1 % In order for any business to remain relevant in today’s market, advertising in an online...


A Guide To The Top 5 Features of LIKELIST.PH

Get more out of your LIKELIST.PH page! Below are the Top 5 features of #likelistph, discussing some tips on how to fully use and maximize its effectiveness in improving your website conversion rate. 1. Map & Contact Details Maps LIKELIST.PH lets users view a map of all local listings, powered by Google Maps. But you may wonder why your address in not appearing on your page even though you’ve included it on your account. The reason behind this is your address is not registered to Google. In order to display your complete address, you must register your location to Google Map Maker. Here is...