Does gift-giving trouble you sometimes especially during the holiday season when your list reaches who knows where? Ever heard of curated gift boxes?

Let these shops solve your gifting conundrum by doing the hard work for you. Choose from their pre-curated gift collections or create your own from their product selections. They wrap the gifts. Then, they deliver the packages to you.

Yes, these shops are heaven-sent for the busy bees. Not to mention they’re wrapping skills are superb. The gifts are presented with such impeccable taste they’re exciting and delightful to look at.

Just be prepared to pay a little more. After all a great service is worth every penny—especially when you don’t want to go through the hassle of searching every nook and cranny of shopping centers and have your patience run out from enduring the cashiers’ long queues. Let’s not forget possibly getting foot cramps brought to you by hours of strolling.

Whether you’re looking for luxurious presents, useful things, healthy gifts, food gifts, personalized gifts, corporate giveaways, wedding giveaways, special occasion souvenirs and whatnot—you can buy curated gifts in the Philippines from these shops. Read on!

  2. Curated Gift Boxes Manila —’s gift boxes are affordable and are curated around common themes and personal moments. They contain products that are useful enough to give as a gift, but at the same time convey a personal message to the recipient. They provide a hassle-free customer experience through an easy-to-use website interface, 24/7 customer support and free same day delivery.

    • Products: Food, Bath and Beauty Essentials, Office Products, Sleep Essentials, Writing Tools, Liquors, Grooming Products & Romantic items
    • Bestsellers: Wellness Gift Box, Girl Boss Gift Box, Looking Sharp Gift Box
    • Price Range: Php999-Php1,599
    • Address: 9110 Sultana St, Makati, 1207 Metro Manila
    • How to Order: Visit to order
    • Payment Method: PayPal, Credit Card, Online Bank Transfer, Over-the-counter bank payments, Cash On Delivery, Cash pick-up from sender (a rider picks up the cash from the sender and another rider delivers the item to the recipient),
    • Nationwide Delivery? No; delivery in Metro Manila, selected Metro Cebu areas, Davao City, Cainta, Taytay & selected areas in Antipolo.
    • Delivery Fee: Free Same Day Delivery on all products
    • Shop: Email | Website | Facebook | Instagram

  3. Sage and Ivory
  4. Curated Gift Boxes Manila — Sage and Ivory
    Sage and Ivory focuses on meaningful gifting through beautiful and useful items that speak of joy and wellness. Thus, steering clear of products such as cigarettes and tobacco and animal tested goods. With the aim of supporting local entrepreneurs, 90-95% of their product choices are made in the Philippines.

    • Products: Items that are best for relaxation and wellness
    • Bestsellers: Coffee Lover Box and Lavender Box
    • Price Range: Php1,000-Php3,000
    • Address: Novaliches, Quezon City
    • How to Order: Send them a message of your orders through email, Instagram or Facebook.
    • Payment Method: Bank Deposit/ Bank Transfer via BPI, Paypal
    • Nationwide Delivery? Yes
    • Delivery Fee: They use Lalamove for Metro Manila deliveries for orders of 1-3 boxes so fees will depend on your location. Provincial deliveries are done via LBC so again, the fees will depend on your location. For bulk orders within Metro Manila, a Php400.00 flat rate is charged for delivery.
    • Shop: Email | Facebook | Instagram

  5. Mad About Herbs
  6. Curated Gift Boxes Manila — Mad About Herbs
    Mad About Herbs’ curated gift boxes are from their own line of gourmet food which are all natural and preservative-free. Based in Candelaria Quezon Province, most of the herbs they use are grown within the area. Their gift boxes would please anybody who loves food and cooking. The chili garlic, bagoong, and coconut vinegar are condiments which Filipinos reach out to often. Home cooks who love to experiment will adore the flavored salts. The Rosemary salt would work great for steaks and roasts. The Basil salt would flavor your Italian dishes like a dream. Check out their complete product list here.

    • Products: Flavored Salts, Condiments (like Bagoong, Chili Garlic, Spiced Coconut Vinegar), Gourmet Tuyo, Flavored Honey, Gourmet Tuyo. View the complete list here.
    • Bestsellers: Joy Box and Box of Goodness
    • Price Range: Php500-Php920 for the pre-curated boxes
    • Address: Candelaria Quezon Province, but most of their clients are from Metro Manila
    • How to Order: Send them a message on their Facebook page
    • Payment Method: Bank Transfer/Deposit through BDO or BPI
    • Nationwide Delivery? Metro Manila only
    • Delivery Fee: Will depend on the quantity and location
    • Shop: Email | Facebook | Instagram

  7. Maison Cheese
  8. Curated Gift Boxes Manila — Maison Cheese
    It’s easy to please anyone with food gifts. What more if you give them something classy and decadent like cheese and wine. Maison Cheese offers a complete wine and cheese experience with their curated gift boxes. Each box contains well thought of products making sure all items complement each other. All the cheese are imported from different parts of Europe and they make sure that it’s always fresh.

    • Products: Gourmet Cheese, Wine, Cold Cuts, Fruits, Nuts, Crackers, Chocolates, Peppero Sticks, Honey, Honey Dipper
    • Bestsellers: Rustic Box— comes with 3 gourmet cheese, a mini bottle of wine, cold cuts, crackers, honey and honey dipper all uniquely packed in a wooden sliding box
    • Price Range: Prices start at Php1,850. If you’re on a budget, they have maison cheese jars that retail for only P450
    • Address: 15 Aurora Pijuan Bf Resort Village Las Piñas
    • How to Order: You may order directly on their site or send them a message through text, Facebook, Instagram, or email
    • Payment Method: Bank Deposit/Transfer via BPI
    • Nationwide Delivery? No
    • Delivery Fee: Metro Manila deliveries are done through Lalamove so the fee will depend on your location
    • Shop: Email | Website | Facebook | Instagram

  9. Las Arca
  10. Curated Gift Boxes Manila — Las Arca
    Las Arca curates contemporary goods consumers will love. They have their own line of scented soy candles and chocolates worth trying. The product choices are superb and vast making sure there’s an option for everyone.

    • Products: Food, Bath and Beauty Essentials, Home Products, Travel Essentials, Gadget Accessories, Jewelry, Stuffed Toys, Sleep Essentials, Writing Tools, and many more
    • Bestsellers: Coffee Box, Bridesmaid Boxes
    • Price Range: Php1,600-Php6,500
    • Address: Katipunan, QC (satellite office)
    • How to Order: You may order directly on their website or through email
    • Payment Method: Bank Deposit (BPI/BDO)
    • Nationwide Delivery? Yes through LBC
    • Delivery Fee: Within Metro Manila — packages are delivered through Lalamove so the rates vary
    • Shop: Email | Website | Facebook | Instagram

  11. Winsome Box
  12. Curated Gift Boxes Manila — Winsome Box
    Winsome Box specializes in purposeful gift curation, making sure your recipients would find meaning in each item included in the box. They built a collection based on moments that matter calling their curated gift boxes Sleep Serenity, Lovely Mornings, Relax and Renew, Luxe Indulgence, Wanderlust, and Soulful Journal. Each box intends to elevate your recipient’s experience of such moment through the curated gift items. For your hardworking loved ones, Sleep Serenity will boost their sleeping experience through the products included like the luxurious eye mask, an aromatherapy candle, and a relaxing room and linen spray. Lovely Mornings will make your giftee’s mornings more enjoyable with a warm cup of local homecrafted coffee and delectable chocolates. Check out the whole collection here.

    • Products: Winsome Box aims to help promote local products so they partnered with different local, artisanal, handmade and small batch brands. They also have their own product line complementing what they’ve already curated.
    • Bestsellers: Lovely Mornings, Relax and Renew
    • Price Range: Prices depend on the cusomization level, but for the best curated products, a minimum of Php1,500 would work best.
    • Address: Pasig City (main office). Winsome Box is opening a gift lounge soon if you want to view their sample works.
    • How to Order: All orders are done through email
    • Payment Method: Bank Deposit (BDO, BPI)
    • Nationwide Delivery? Yes
    • Delivery Fee: Depends on the location and package weight
    • Shop: Email | Website | Facebook | Instagram

  13. Pepitas Gift Metier
  14. Curated Gift Boxes Manila — Pepitas Gift Metier
    Pepitas Gift Metier strives to provide a hassle free gifting experience through their custom curated gift boxes. They customize the gifts as per the clients’ requests and incorporate both parties’ ideas to curate the best product selections for the recipients. They want to make the gift boxes as personal as possible and to not look commercialized, thus, refraining from integrating their brand to it.

    • Products: For single orders, kraft and wooden boxes are available but for bigger orders of 30 or more pcs, you may customize the box’s material, shape, size, and color. For the gift items, it’s completely customizable depending on your ideas, but they have brand partners you can choose from.
    • Bestsellers: Coffee Set
    • Price Range: starts at Php1,000 for single orders
    • Address: San Pedro, Laguna. A studio is coming soon.
    • How to Order: Send them an email to order
    • Payment Method: Bank Deposit (Metrobank, BDO, Eastwest)
    • Nationwide Delivery? Yes, but perishable and fragile items are discouraged when delivered outside Metro Manila
    • Delivery Fee: Depends on the location
    • Shop: Email | Facebook | Instagram | Viber: (+63) 977 6268837

Have you tried ordering curated gift boxes from any of these shops? Do you know any other brands we should know about? Share it with us in the comments below!

Photo Sources: All images are owned by the corresponding shops/brands.