Forget the commercial and factory-made stuff we see in malls. Give something handcrafted this season and make gift-giving memorable!

  1. Habil Crafts
  2. Habil Crafts-Moss artwork
    Stunning and fresh, the moss artworks by Habil Crafts will surely leave your artsy friend ecstatic.
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  3. CLA
  4. CLA-stickers
    Bringing the retro vibe to mini notepads, stickers, and bookmarks, give something made by CLA and share some coolness to your friends.
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  5. P.S. Crafts with Soul
  6. PS Crafts With Soul-products
    P.S. Crafts with Soul prides in their rustic and vintage products, mostly wooden adorned with decoupage. It would remind you of Papemelroti—just as adorably handmade and unique.
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  7. Takatak Project
  8. Takatak-products
    The traditional taka horses and other paper mache sculptures are a great addition to anyone’s home. The hand-painted designs make these even more enchanting.
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  9. WoodArts Manila
  10. -WoodArts Manila-paintings
    Perfect for your loved ones who collect art, WoodArts Manila’s paintings exude a country feel (being painted on wood planks)—giving each piece a unique character.
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  11. Hands Love Papers
  12. Hands Paper Love
    Each tiny detail of a paper art is hand cut. The intricate details are out of this world and looks beautiful and dainty. Anyone who’ll receive this would surely thank you.
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  13. Cat+Kai Handmade Jewelry
  14. Cat+Kai-Handmade Jewelry
    Getting inspiration mostly from nature—from jellyfish pendants, sea turtles, to whimsical trees, Cat+Kai’s handmade jewelry is just naturally sweet and special.
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  15. Sketchnotes
  16. Sketchnotes-sketchbook
    Your artist friends deserve an awesome sketchbook. It’s a no-brainer—check out Sketchnotes’ stuff now.
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  17. Punch Crafts
  18. Punch Crafts-products
    Simple, well-crafted, and classic—Punch Craft’s products are made from genuine leather so expect them to last a long time.
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  19. Planners and Journals
  20. Planners and Journals
    If you know somebody who keeps a journal or loves writing down daily plans, check out Planners and Journals’ array of fancy printed or plain “Dailydoris” (as they call them)—you can even personalize the cover to make it extra special!
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  21. Soak Artisan Soap
  22. Soak Artisan-soaps
    The soaps from Soak Artisan are gorgeously abstract and deliciously luxurious. The dessert soaps look incredibly realistic making them fun as gifts. It boasts moisturizing qualities being made with 45% olive oil and tussah silk and it’s gentle & mild due to the 4-week curing process.
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  23. Tweed and Twine
  24. Tweed and Twine
    From the artistic notebooks covered with hand marbled prints to framed wall arts, you can also choose from a range of functional items like a roll-up tool case (perfect for artists or even makeup artists!), zippered pouches, and gadget keepers.
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  25. Leather.PH
  26. Leather.PH
    Leather.PH has a minimalist approach when designing their products, making each piece a classic. The simplicity makes the designs charming in their own functional way.
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  27. Dolldalita Dolls
  28. Dolldalita-dolls
    Dolldalita dolls are undoubtedly unique. Each doll is hand sewn making it a doll like no other. It’s imaginative and delightful—a piece of art in itself. You can just imaging your daughter or your nieces happily receiving one of these.
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Image References: All images are owned by the respective brands. These images were borrowed from the sellers’s websites/social media pages.