Throwing a birthday party for your little nugget? Share the love and gratitude to your child’s guests with these unique birthday souvenirs!

  1. Personalized mini chair
  2. Birthday Party Souvenirs - Wooden Kiddie Stools

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    Wooden Kiddie Stools’ brightly colored wooden chairs retail for only Php200 each. You may customize it depending on your party theme.

  3. These Cute Vegetable Plushies from Plush and Play
  4. Birthday Party Souvenirs - Plush and Play

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    Their plushies have the cutest names like Noli de Carrot and Sili Crawford. Plush and Play is socially responsible when it comes to producing the stuffed toys, employing women from small communities.

  5. Yummy and Cute Candies from Made in Candy
  6. Birthday Party Souvenirs - Made in Candy

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    Kids can’t possibly say no to candies, even more so when it’s as beautiful as Made in Candy’s creations. Customize the candies to the celebrant’s name for a more personalized birthday giveaway.

  7. Personalized printed chocolate candies
  8. Birthday Party Souvenirs - Personalized Sweets

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    Simply because having your child’s face printed on sugar coated candies are the coolest.

  9. Design Your Own Plush from La Pomme Party
  10. Birthday Party Souvenirs - La Pomme Party

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    Let your visitors take home the finished product of an arts & crafts activity courtesy of La Pomme Party—instant birthday giveaway.

  11. Character Stuffed Toys from PopJunkLove
  12. Birthday Party Souvenirs - Pop Junk Love

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    Do you have a specific character theme for your child’s birthday party? Pop Junk Love’s handmade stuffed toys will surely be loved by your cute guests.

  13. Holo Foto by 360 Selfie
  14. Let the kids have fun posing for a Holo Foto and take it home as the party souvenir. The cool holographic effect will project two images. A cute photo of your kid would be nice as a constant or a nicely designed name of the celebrant plus the party’s date.

  15. Name stickers from Booths Republic
  16. Birthday Party Souvenirs - Booths Republic Name Stickers

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    Useful birthday giveaways are the best ones, so these custom name labels from Booth Republic will surely land on your guests’ belongings especially for their school things, books, and toys.

  17. 3D Me personalized photo stuffed toys
  18. Birthday Party Souvenirs - 3D Me

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    These personalized stuffed toys will not only be cherished by your young guests, but by your adult guests as well.

  19. Custom Fragrances courtesy of Scentsibilities Perfume Bar
  20. Birthday Party Souvenirs - Scentsibilities Perfume Bar

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    Let your guests concoct their own perfumes with the NC Perfume bar

Image Reference: All images were borrowed from the respective brand’s website or social media pages.