Picture this:

A glass sculpture of 2 swans, heads together, necks forming a heart… So 90’s and cliché. I bet it’s something you won’t be happy receiving yourself as a wedding giveaway and don’t think your guests would feel otherwise.

Here’s a tip.

Decorative items are not great wedding giveaway ideas. Why waste money on gifts your guests won’t even bother using?

Whether you’re on a tight budget or not, there are so many products to choose from these days.

Here are wedding souvenirs in the Philippines that your guests would actually want and won’t go to waste.

  1. Go Green Giveaways
  2. Go Green Giveaways
    These little nuggets are becoming popular in the wedding scene. Come to think of it, succulents are gorgeous and would be a terrific addition to anyone’s home. I could imagine, these would be spectacular wedding favors for a garden celebration. Very chic, affordable and not to mention…eco-friendly. Check out the pricelist: http://bit.ly/21bZCfC
    Shop info: Go Green Giveaways

    Check out this extensive list of succulent shops in the Philippines.

  3. Kape Scrub
  4. Kape Scrub
    These deliciously fragrant scrubs are excellent exfoliants. The Kape Scrub is 100% organic, so if you have a “green” themed wedding, these are perfect wedding tokens. Here’s an idea… Customize the label with your initials on it or just wrap it nicely and add a tag for a more personal touch.
    Shop info: Kape Scrub

  5. Soak Artisan Soap
  6. Soak Artisan Soap
    Let me stop the confusion…These delectable looking goodies are actually moisturizing soaps. Leave your guests amused with these handcrafted one-of-a-kind bath soaps from Soak Artisan Soaps.
    Shop info: Soak Artisan Soap

  7. Aromateria Scents and Sensibilities
  8. Aromateria Scents and Sensibilities
    Ever heard of beer soap? No, I don’t think this would make you feel woozy at all—but it will leave your skin feeling soft. “The sugar in beer makes the soap extra bubbly while the hops contain skin-softening amino acids and has soothing benefits.” If you’re looking for unique wedding souvenirs, this is for you—and not to mention, their packaging are totally cool.
    Shop info: Aromateria Scents and Sensibilities

  9. ZIN
  10. ZIN
    These gourmet flavored salts are classy and totally delish. Perfect for a foodie couple’s celebration, you can choose from a variety of gift sets with the mixed and matched assorted salt flavors like Sriracha Salt, Garlic & Chili Salt, and Rosemary & Lemon Salt.
    Shop info: ZIN

  11. Theo and Philo Artisan Chocolates
  12. Theo and Philo Artisan Chocolates
    Unique chocolate flavors proudly made locally. Impress your guests with the artisanal dark chocolates with green mango & salt, calamansi, or siling labuyo… interesting and mysterious. The cute chocolate bonbons won’t disappoint either. The packaging alone is fascinating and a work of art.
    Shop info: Theo and Philo Artisan Chocolates

  13. Whisk
  14. Whisk
    How about some Raspberry Vinaigrette, Strawberry Basil Jam, Spinach & Artichoke Dip, or Candied Walnuts with Lemon Zest? Sounds amazing, right? You can even pair these bottled gourmet food with the ZIN flavored salts for the ultimate gift set.
    Shop info: Whisk

  15. Café•te•ría
  16. Cafeteria
    Coffee made in the Philippines is world class. Be captivated with the “Mi Amore” medium-dark roast Arabica coffee blend from Café•te•ría. Whole beans are prettier, but get the ground coffee so your guests don’t have to go through the hassle of grinding it.
    Shop info: Café•te•ría

  17. Pulseras by Kim
  18. Pulseras by Kim
    The personalized jewelry from Pulseras by Kim is a great way to thank your bridesmaids and ninangs. The handstamped brass bangles are so cool they’ll surely remember your wedding when they wear it. The custom necklaces are gorgeous, you may want to have the recipients’ names engraved on it.
    Shop info: Pulseras by Kim

  19. Sparrow
  20. Sparrow
    Choose your favorite scent and use it on your reception venue so your guests will feel nostalgic when they use their own Sparrow room spray to freshen up their homes.
    Shop info: Sparrow

  21. Blessings by Fad
  22. Blessings By Fad
    Have your favorite quote/inspirational phrase printed on these customizable canvas tote bags from Blessings by Fad. Send out positive vibes to your guests through this souvenir for wedding.
    Shop info: Blessings by Fad

  23. Istorya
  24. Istorya
    If you’re looking for customized wedding souvenirs for principal sponsors and your entourage, these handcrafted keychains from Istorya will make them feel extra special with the hand-stamped names on the metal design.
    Shop info: Istorya

  25. Monogram It by Ash and Muff
  26. Monogram It by Ash and Muff
    Embroidered face towels, pouches, or bags—here’s a thoughtful way to give personalized gifts with your guests’ initials on it. If you’re willing to splurge, your girl friends would absolutely adore their monogram bags. Or have your own initials embroidered on pouches.
    Shop info: Monogram It by Ash and Muff

  27. Rags2Riches
  28. Rags2Riches
    Rags2Riches is well known for their eco-ethical products. Their creations are made from upcycled materials and handcrafted by artisans from small communities. They have a catalogue just for wedding giveaways. View the entire catalogue here: http://bit.ly/1Uodf6I
    Shop info: Rags2Riches

  29. Russian Cookie House
  30. Russian Cookie House
    Trust me, you can never go wrong with sweets. Your guests will devour these mouthwatering sugary cookies neatly stacked in lovely tin cans in no time.
    Shop info: Russian Cookie House

  31. Merry Macarons
  32. Merry Macarons
    These delicate treats make luxurious wedding tokens. Merry Macarons takes these light as feather pastries to another level by making custom designed macarons! Yes, it’s seriously cute and luscious.
    Shop info: Merry Macarons

  33. Monogram Cookies from Mrs. Fields
  34. Mrs. Fields
    Sugar cookies decorated with your initials is a charming wedding souvenir. You can never go wrong with a box of chocolate chip cookies either, yum!
    Shop info: Mrs. Fields

  35. Custom Perfumes from Perfume Bar
  36. Perfume Bar Periwinkle and Lace
    This is crazy…if creating your own fragrance doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will. Your guests will love this. They get to visit the perfume bar and feel like a wizard concocting a magical potion—an aromatic, sweet-smelling potion that is!
    Shop info: Periwinkle and Lace

  37. Custom Labelled Wines from Arobi Wines
  38. Arobi Wines
    For a sophisticated wedding giveaway, small bottles of wine labelled with your names with a short thank you note is an awesome way to honor your guests.
    Shop info: Arobi Wines

  39. Photobooth Magnets
  40. Good memories are the best giveaways to thank your guests. Ever since photobooth became popular, it’s been a staple at celebrations. Take it a notch higher by availing the photo magnets. Here are some affordable photobooth suppliers you can choose from for cheap wedding souvenirs if you’re within Manila:
    Shop info:
    Instabooth Philippines
    Happy Momentz Photobooth

    In the mood for DIY souvenirs? Read on…

  41. Store-bought Chocolates with Customized Wrappers
  42. Customized Chocolate Wrappers

    Photo from: http://apracticalwedding.com

    Buy chocolate bars in the supermarket and replace the paper package with your customized labels. Easy peasy.
    How to do this: http://bit.ly/1WElH83

  43. Gather your favorite treats in a jar
  44. Mason Jars

    Photos from: http://rusticweddingchic.com

    DIY devotees popularized mason jars for its versatility. Using these jars as a packaging is an effortless way to make your wedding giveaways look fancy. To make it more fun, use drinking mason jars (the one with handles). I found these really cheap drinking jars from Landmark Makati. These cost at least Php60.00 each.

    Drinking mason jars from Landmark Makati

    Drinking mason jars from Landmark Makati

  45. Are you a coffee lover?
  46. instant mocha mix

    Photo from: http://somethingturquoise.com

    Share your passion for the brewed drink with this instant mocha mix that you can easily assemble with ingredients from the grocery.
    Recipe and how-to instructions: http://bit.ly/1nWbZqO

  47. Share your sweetness with honey
  48. Honey Jar

    Photo from: http://www.lifeatcloverhill.com

    Package the honey in a nice container, label and decorate with a ribbon. Add a honey dipper for a special touch.
    How to do this: http://bit.ly/25LlTrj

  49. Get the spice on with this fiery hot sauce
  50. Hot Sauce

    Photo from: http://somethingturquoise.com

    Isn’t this a hot idea? It’s fun and out of the ordinary. You need not make your own hot sauce, just buy your favorite brand at the supermarket and replace the labels.
    How to do this: http://bit.ly/1OcQoOW

These are the latest and coolest wedding giveaway ideas that are useful and something your guests will surely enjoy.

For more wedding souvenir ideas, check out this Pinterest board.

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Local products’ photos were borrowed from the website or social media pages of the corresponding companies.