Make your jewelry-loving friend feel special with these locally made accessories!

  1. It doesn’t get more personal and special by having your friend’s name hand-stamped on this cute rustic heart pendant.

    Buy it from Pulseras by Kim:

    Price: P300.00

  2. Accessories Gift Guide-Pulseras By Kim

    Pulseras By Kim

  3. A gold bracelet adorned with hand-stamped monogram pendant + a cute starfish pendant = a winning combo!

    Buy it from Istorya:

    Price: available upon request

  4. Accessories Gift Guide-Istorya-Monogram Bracelet

    Istorya-Monogram Bracelet

  5. This pastel layered bracelet for your elegant friend.

    Buy it from Tesseract Manila:

    Price: P300.00

  6. Accessories Gift Guide-Tesseract Manila

    Tesseract Manila

  7. An exquisite layered gold necklace.

    Buy it from HeyJow:

    Price: P3,750.00

  8. Accessories Gift Guide-Hey Jow-Midnight Sparkle - Filigree Crescent

    Hey Jow-Midnight Sparkle – Filigree Crescent

  9. Give your artistic friend this floral statement necklace.

    Buy it from Chic Curator:

    Price: P795.00

  10. Accessories Gift Guide-Chic Curator-Dalia Necklace

    Chic Curator-Dalia Necklace

  11. Tell a story with the charms inside this locket.

    Buy it from Charmed Life:

    Price: available upon request

  12. Accessories Gift Guide-Charmed Life-Locket with Charms

    Charmed Life-Locket with Charms

  13. Stacked handcrafted upcycled rope bracelets from San Juan, La Union—you help local surfers, too!

    Buy it from Tali Ti Amianan:

    Price: available upon request

  14. Accessories Gift Guide-Tali Ti Amianan

    Tali Ti Amianan

  15. Your cool friend will love this bejewelled necklace.

    Buy it from StoneRiver:

    Price: P350.00

  16. Accessories Gift Guide-Stone River-CQ point necklace

    Stone River-CQ point necklace

  17. A cute charm bracelet for your bookworm friend.

    Buy it from Trinkets for Keeps:

    Price: P606.80

  18. Accessories Gift Guide-Trinkets for Keeps

    Trinkets for Keeps

  19. This simple aquamarine ring would suit anyone!

    Buy it from Pink Outside the Box:

    Price: P100.00

  20. Accessories Gift Guide-Pink Outside the Box-Aquamarine Ring

    Pink Outside the Box-Aquamarine Ring

  21. For your friend dreaming of having multiple piercings but just can’t, this ear sweep is rad!

    Buy it from Arajera:

    Price: P700.00

  22. Accessories Gift Guide-Arajera-three-stars-ear-crawlers

    Arajera- Three stars ear crawlers

  23. If you’re feeling generous enough, this matchy matchy chain bracelet and necklace is perfect.

    Buy it from Bauble PH:

    Price: P850.00

  24. Accessories Gift Guide-Bauble PH-Kate necklace and bracelet

    Accessories Gift Guide-Bauble PH-Kate necklace and bracelet

  25. For your friend with an edgy style.

    Buy it from MaArte Artcessories:

    Price: available upon request

  26. Accessories Gift Guide-MaArte Accessories-necklace

    MaArte Accessories-necklace

  27. Be a lavish gift giver with this 14k gold filled bracelets. They’re pretty and luxurious.

    Buy it from Heart and Bolt:

    Price: available upon request

  28. Accessories Gift Guide-Heart and Bolt

    Heart and Bolt

  29. Spoil your friend and splurge on this Maxi Ring (made with a natural gemstone in sterling silver dipped in 24k gold).

    Buy it from Alchemista:

    Price: P2,500.00

  30. Accessories Gift Guide-Alchemista-maxi ring

    Alchemista-maxi ring

Image References: All images are owned by the respective brands. These images were borrowed from the sellers’s websites/Facebook pages.